Spa Service


01. Foot massage
Not only helps the leg muscles working again, tired but also helps support the body becomes healthier.
30'/60'    -  200 vnd/330 vnd
02. Foot massage with stone  75' - 440 vnd
03. Foot spa (scrub, massage)
Foot clean and healthy by special scrub and massage
75' - 440 vnd
04. Foot treatment (Scrub, massage, paraffin mask)
Traveling, walking a lot make your feel tired. Foot treatment with 3 steps will help your foot clean, healthy & smooth: scrub, massage & hot paraffin mask.
80' - 490 vnd

05. hand treatment (scrub, masage, paraffin mask)

70' - 470 vnd

Price x 1000 vnd

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