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1. Aromatherapy massage

A very powerful yet light rhythmic massage. This personalized treatment is an hour of sensory bliss.

60'/75'/90'/120' - 430/530/620/820 vnd


2. Swedish massage

A classic oiled massage using long strokes, kneading and friction techniques. Relaxes as it improves circulation and mobility.

60'/75'/90'/120' - 410/500/580/775 vnd


3. Mido special massage

The combination massage (Thai, Shiatsu, Aroma, Sports). You can choose:  (3 in 1) or (4 in 1)

 75'/90'/120'  -  580/690/870 vnd


4. Traditional Thai massage

The technicians use ingenious methods, stretching muscles, blood publications. Helps relaxation and circulation of the blood circulation.

60’/75’/90’/120’ -  450/550/670/820 vnd


5. Thai massage with oil

Unlike traditional Thai massage, technicians elbow impact on blood sugar and muscle. Helps soften muscles and blood circulation.

60’/75’/90’/120’ - 430/530/620/820 vnd
6. Sports massage
Designed to help aid the body in releasing wastes from over and under worked muscles. Great after a hard workout. Helps maintain optimum muscle performance.

60'/75'/90'/120' - 450/550/670/870 vnd


7. Intuitive Shiatsu

This ancient Japanese full-body treatment incorporates varying rhythms and degrees of pressure to balance flows of energy throughout the body.

60'/75'/90'/120' - 450/550/670/870 vnd


9. Warm stone massage

Decreases pain and muscle spasms. Reduces chronic stress and tension. Increases flexibility in joints, aiding in easier mobility and movement. Relieves pain and tension created by strained and contracted muscle.

75'/90'/120'   -   550/670/870 vnd


10. Vietnamese and Chinese massage

Vietnam massage based on traditional massage therapy of Vietnam, with and pressing punching, clapping'

60'/75'/90'/120' - 430/530/620/820 vnd


11. Herbal traditional  75'/90' - 670/750 vnd


12. Indian back, neck & shoulder massage

A deeply relaxing massage focusing on areas around the neck, shoulders and across the back

30' - 300 vnd

Price x 1000 vnd

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